A short session that takes place before the actual exercise or routine to prepare the body for the upcoming physical tension. This could include light aerobic exercise and ever stretching for a duration to 5 to 15 minutes normally. Making a good warm up a regular practice ensures that the exercise gies maximum benefit and helps to avoid injuries as well. 


These are vitamins that aren't permanently stored in the body. The examples are the B-Complex vitamins and Vitamin C. These vitamins must be taken regularly to maintain good health, and any excess normally passes out through the urine.


This term is synonymous with poundage or resistance. 


A system that has been created to ensure that builders of the same size compete with each other. The IFBB has created weight classes for all beginner competitions. Some of the normal weight considerations for men are: 70 kg or 154 lbs; 80 kg or 176 lbs; 90 kg or 198 lbs and over 90 kg or 154 lbs. This system assits in eliminating unfairness. 


This is the competitive type of weightlifting where every participant lifts as much weight as possible in a number of specified exercises. Weightlifting is further divided into two cateogires that include olympic lifting and power lifting.  


This term is normally included in the category of resistance training. This form of training is used for improving the overall condition of the body, fixing any previous injuries and improving conditioning towards sports. This is also placed as a competitive activity in terms of weightlifting. 


This is quite self-explanatory, and is defined as a bodybuilding or weight-training session.