This refers to the muscle action that helps in lengthening the fibres, while the tension develops. 


This is the area of movement while exercising where the muscles elongate. This phenomena takes place when one lowers the weight to the initial starting point. This movement needs to be carried out slowly and with precision.


This a procedure that helps to deduce what kind of physical acitivity will result in the maximum amount of exertion. 


These are hormones that are released after exercise and physical activity. They make people feel happier and good about themselves.


These fats have special anti-oxidant, anti-catabolic and anti-lypolitic properties. These fats have an overall positive effect on the cholestrol levels within the body. Moreover, these fats also assist in building the muscles and speeding up the fat loss process. Food items such as fish oils and flaxseed oil are a rich source of EFAs (Omega 3 Fatty Acids).


These are females hormones that aid in regulation and maintainence of sexual and reproductive systems. An unnecessary excess of this hormone might lead to medical problems that include heart disease, cancer, weight gain and bloating. Deficits of estrogen could cause memory related problems, trouble recalling, short attention span, frequent mood swings and being easily irritable. Exercise helps to keep a balanced level of these hormones and results in avoidance of the related medical issues. 


Quite self-explanatory this term includes physical exertion that could comprise of bench presses, barbell curls or seated pulley rows. Performing a number of these constitutes as exercise. 


The amount of exercise done in a particular session is expressed in terms of the total weight lifted into the total number of sets, into the total number of repititions. For instance, if a particular workout comprises of 5 barbell curls and for each set 10 pounds were lifted, along with the activity being repeated 10 times, then the result would be similar to this: 5x10x10=500 pounds. A larger value could possibly lead to overtraining. 


An exercise technique that is a total of 40 minutes. This time is divided into the first 20 minutes being spent on a stationary bike (low intensity activity), and the next 20 minutes spent doing simple stretching (lowest intensity activity). This routine ends with a shower. 


A physical movement that results in an increase in the angles of the joint. 


Type of a bar used for performing different forms of exercise. 


This is a unique type of barbell that is used in many different arm exercises, other than for standing EZ-bar curls, in which stress is not placed in the wrists. Thiis curl bar is also sometimes referred to as a cambered curling bar. However, some people have even called it a wiggly bar (informal term) because of the different shape it has.  


This is basically the moment while exercising when the builder has completely drained the strength from their operating muscles. At this point, it becomes impossible to carry out any extra reps of phsyical exercise. To ensure maximum results builders should take their post-warm-up sets to the point of failure and ahead of that point as well.  


The macronutrients required by the body maintain the natural level of hormones and keep up with the level of cell metabolism. Overall, each cell in the body has a certain amount of fat in it. These fats help to keep the joints healthy by ensuring their lubrication and if fat is not consumed this could disturb the normal bodily processes. Three basic categories of fats exist, and these are saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated.  


Some vitamins are not supposed to be taken in excess otherwise there is a possibility of them turning toxic within the body. These vitamins are A, D, E and K. 


These are muscles that have lost their usual strength because of various reasons that primarily include overtraining, undertraining or a defficiency of nutrients and dehydration. 


Soft and easily maneuvred joints, muscle masses and connective tissues that help in smooth movement. This a particularly preferred advantage in body building because it leads to the ighest level of physcial development. It is only possible to achieve flexibility if stretching is a regular part of the exercise routine. 


This type of movement results in a decrease in the angles of the joint.


This term refers to the overall increase in the supply of blood to the muscles, which helps to bring more nutrients to the muscles. 


Forced reps are technique that is used by builders to indulge in excessive activity beyond the point of exercise for increased exertion towards muscle mass. In this situation a training partner is instructed to pull the bar long enough to carry out a few more reps are the failure point. 


This is simply another term for the biomechanics that are involved in body building and related training techniques. The ideal form consists of working the muscles needed for a particular exercise, while simultaneously circling the weight over the largest possible motion range.


Someone who has extremely disproportionate muscles and has a large body size. This is usually the result of excessive, and mostly unneeded body building. 


Any kind of exercise that could easily be completed without the use of any equipment, such as weights. Such exercises would only make use of bodyweight, and the most common examples are push-ups and crunches. 


Equipments that is used for exercising purposes, and constitutes of barbells and dumbbells etc. Competitive bodybuilders usually aim to incorporate a number of different free weights in their routines. Exercise machines created by companies like Nautilus and Universal Gyms are also used, but not as commonly as free weights.


This term refers to the appearance of a bodybuilder. It is the typical look of muscles visible clearly on the surface of the skin of a competitive bodybuilder