This is a physiological term, that refers to moving further away from the midline of the body, limb or any other paralell body part. 


This refers to any alterations in the structure or related functioning of muscles due to recent changes in physical activity, like the body's response to additional training.


Similar to abduction, this word refers to a move towards the midline of the body.


Now, this is one term everyone must be familiar with. But, the definiton is not that simple, despite what many people might be thinking. Any work-out regime that is extended and of a fairly moderate exertion level consitutes of aerobic exercise. This work-out tends to consume oxygen exactly at or below the levels whereby your regular mechanism of heart and lungs can fill up oxygen in your body. This gives strength to the muscles and provides them with a renewed ability to carry out the exercise that was started. 
However, on the literal front aerobic refers to just oxygen and it is by far the sole form of psychical exertion that burns body fat along with meeting the body's daily needs. Usually bodybuilders take part on aerobix exercise because they wish to develop additional cardiorespiratory fitness along with burning off any excess body fat that has a negative effect on their body, and ahceve the peak. The most comonly practices aerobix exercises are funning, cycling, danicng walking. Swimming and raquet sports are also considered to be aerobic exercises, but for that theyt have to played for longer durations along with very high intensities. 


This is a standard abbreviation for the Adult Minimum Daily Requirement of specific nutrients, established by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Are more commonly referred to as called anabolic steroids in professional terms. These are artificial male hormones with assist in nitrrogen retention and therefore, help to increase a bodybuilder's stregth and muscle density. However, these drugs do come along with certain side effects that are dangerous to say the least, and that is exactly why these drugs can't be purchased without a prescription. One downside is tat most gyms sell these drugs through the black market, increasing the related risks that many body builders could possibly face.


This is a particular state of the body that is highly favorable for all body builders. It is created through a process of hard core training, good nutrition and plenty of rest which alters the body composition for the most effective results and energy levels. 


This form of exercise is significantly different that aerobics because, of the primary reason associated with the usage of oxygen. Aerobics tend to deplete oxygen resources more quickly than the body can provide it to the muscles being used. However, anaerobic exercise helps to build up the oxygen level, as it is hard to continue this exercise for long. It is a typical method for body building and sprinting is an example, which also helps to burn muscle sugar. 


These steroids are syntethic or in other words, man-made, and they stimulate effects of the male hormone, testosterone.


This common terms refers to the study of the human body and its parts. This is especailly useful in determining unqiue information about individuals and their body building capabilites. 


Anabolic Steriods (mentioned above) and these drugs are rather similar because both stimulate the effects of the hormone testosterone in a male body. Moreover, not only do androgens increase the body strengt and muscle density of a person, but they also helps to increase certain sex related characteristics. Increased bodily hair, a deeper voice, and higher agression levels could also become visible after introducing this drug. This is a desirable side effect because many body builders who consume these drugs want to indce agressiveness, since that produces increased exertion in workouts. 


This acitivity in the body is crucial to all body builders. These are the properties that are provided by certain nutrients and they prevent the muscle density and mass from breaking down or tearing. 


These properties are also highly crucial for maintaining the body because they are provided by certain nutrients that completely eliminiate the creation of fat from calories in food. 


These properties aren't given a high importance by most body builders, but they are essential to maintain in the long-run, and can assist in protecting the body against diseases. 


Shrinking of the muscles due some sort of misuse, is what constitutes this term, and is a downside of excessive body building. 


A term that refers to an equal relationship between all the body proportions in a man's physique. This perfect composition of phsyical proporations is a much wanted asset in all professional body builders. 


This is steel shaft that constitutes of the basic part of a dumbell or a barbell. These instruments are used regularly by all body builders for maintaining their physique and are normally around one inch thick and closed up in revolving steel metal. 


This instrument is usually measures between four and seven feet in length, and is the most basic device used for body building. This remarkable device has the ability to train almost every muscle in a person's body. This intrument has further sub-divisions based on the type used. Firstly, there are adjustable sets, where users can easily add or remove plates with the aid of a detachable collar tigthened using a screw. The second type is rather fixed in nature and in this the plates are bolted together permanently and can't be removed. Fixed weights are pre-arranged depending upon their types in body building shops and the weight for each is mentioned either on the device or the shelves. Fixed plates are considered to be better because users don't have to constantly face the pain of changing them for each exercise, and these are normally found in large scale gyms. The adjustable ones are normally used by people at home. 


This is a term normally used for body building exercises that stress upon the most significant muscles of the body which include the thighs, back or chest. These are often worked upon in conjunction with smaller muscles too. Usually basic exercise calls for the usage of heavy weights to increase stamina and overallmuscle denity. The movements that constitute of this are squats, bench presses and deadlifts. They are tiring, but worth it nonetheless. 


Overall, benches are intruments used during body building for support and strength. Different types of exerices benches can be brough to use for barbell and dumbell exercises that are normally practiced while lying on a bench or sitting on a seat. The bench mostly used is flat and can possibly tone the chet, shoulder and arms. Incline and decline benches, are self-explanatory and are tilte at differnet angles, which is usually around 30-45 degrees. This helps to tone the chest, shoulder and arms with increase pressure. 


This value is used to measure how efficiently our body can absrob and make use of protein. If this value is going towards a reihgher scale then your body has the abiltiy to absorb, use and store more nitrogen. Due to this reason, proteins with the Biological Value are usually the ones that cause the largest increase in muscle density. Whey protein has the highest BV levels at a 104/ Egg protein comes at a close second with 100 and milk comes right after with a BV of 91. Furthermore, beef has a value of 80 and soy proteins are a 74. The lowest consistency is in bean proteins, majorly because they are plant-based. 


The science related to body posititons or the natural forms in sports is referred to as biomechanics. This science also studies the state of the body while a person is exercising with weights or dumbbells. If the biomechanics are leaning on the postivie side, this implies that maximum stress and being put on the muscles and time being utilized effectively. 


A condition that rarely occurs in men who indulge in bodybuiling, where they develop breats. This is also better known as Gynecomastia. 


This terms stands for Basal Metabolic Rate and is the speed at which the resting body burns calories for its basic survival needs. This value can be evaluated and with a good rating the body can easily become lean, especially after aerobic exercises.


Now this is what we're talking about! Obviosuly it's the most important definition because the entire website is based around this concept. This is a type of weight training that doesn't take place without good good nutrition parallel to it. The aim in mind is to change the normal shape of the bodyu and make it more defined, muscular and healthy. In context of our website, bodybuilding is synonymous with the national and international sport of the same name. This sport has categories for both male and females, along with mixed events as well. Regardless, many people resort to bodybuilding just to lose weight and tone a particualr part of their body, than for competitive purposes. 


These asre the minerals that the bosy requires in large amounts for effective body buildinig, and they comprise of calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.


This is coloquial term that is used to show an attempt to increase weight by not adding just fat, but muscle as well. However, this practice is not as common as it used to be. 


This is the burning ensation felt while bodybuilding and is caused due to a stedy inrease in the fatigue levels. This not dangerous, but jut highlights the fact that certain muscles are being worked upon properly. The top notch bodybuilders ignore this pain and keep on working their muscles, and that is when they get a well-defined and toned body.


Different from the term above, burns is a training technique, which drives further from the fatigue point to stimulate a higher level of physical activity (hypertophy). These constitute of short and quick reps that have a range of 4 to 6. However, some body builders use this technique differently by doing 8 to 12 burns at the end of a routine that has failed due to some reason. This helps to redeem some of the effort and places additional tension in the muscles.