This term represents a particular duration of training that lasts from two to six weeks approximately. 


These are nutrients crucial for the body's survival. These include categories such as proteins, fat and carbohydrates. 


This term is very commonly used in bodybuilding and is used to represent the overall size of the msucles located in every part of the body. If one has a high level of muscularity then high muscle mass is considered very desirable in all body builders. 


These are usually the nutrients taken in the form of vitamins, tablets, syrups or powders to provide the necessary sustenance for muscle development. The perfect example of this is whey protein, which is used as a replacement for eggs, lentils and meat to provide protein for the development of muscles. 


This is the area which is located at the middle seciton or the midline of the body. 


This is a very long and tedious phase of training that lasts for up to one whole year. 


Simply, this refers to the speed at which the body makes use of calories and nutrients consumed to provide the body with energy for survival purposes. 


This is a phase of training is short, and lasts for one week or so. 


Minerals are not produced by animals or vegetables, also known as inorganic compounds. Their target is to ensure that the human brain is in contact with the rest of the body, so the flow of signals is smooth. Other functions are ensuring that the fluids in the body are kept at a blalanced level, optimum level of energy is produced and there is a rapid build-up of muscles and bones. Broadly minerals are of two types. They are bulk and trace minerals. 


In bodybuilding, couples also have a chance of competing to make the sport more diverse. Teams that comprise of men and women can compete with each other in interesting routines that include dances and various poses as well. 


A modified compound set incorporates exercises for different muscle groups with altering basic movements (push and pull). The bodybuilder in this superset, first performs one exercise and then rests for a specified amonut of time (usually a couple of seconds) and then performs the second exercise (example: first triceps, then biceps). After this routine, rest is prescribed for a couple more seconds and then the builder resumes the first specified exercise. The advantages of this technique are numerous because it assists in keeping the body warm, quicker recovery levels and saves time as well. This routine ca make it possible for the builder to lift heavier weights when compared to taking a break for a few minutes, rather than seconds. 


Fats that have a positive effect on the good cholesterol levels. These fats are usually high in the essential fatty acids and may have antioxidant properties. Sources of these fats are fish oils, virgin olive oil, canola oil, and flaxseed oil.


Usually, a technique used to counter the increase of growth that takes palce when muscles become used to the the excessive training that is needed from them. In order to prevent this and keep getting the body usedd to increased physical activity a bodybuilder needs to ensure there's a variation between the level of sets and reps along with the size of weights used in any exercise.


The terms points out the period where the bodybuilder can't perform a repititon of the same set, with previously carried on strength. This happens due to low oxygen levels in the blood and an increase release of lactic acid. 


This term is used alternatively in place of definition and cuts. 


This is referred to as the ability of muscles to sustain and support different physical problems (continuos sub maximal contractions).


This company manufactures exercise machines that are used by countless gyms around the world.


Negatives refers to the action of steadily bringing down a weight, defying the forces of gravity. This state is achieved by refusing to give to the pressure of gravity and bringing the weight down slowly at your own pace. 


Increased nervous coordination of a group of muscles involved in a muscular contraction.


This form of grip means that palms are facing each other while tightly holding onto a paralell bar. In a neutral gri-p the thumbs are facing upward. Chest dips on paralell bars also constitute as neutral grips. 


The National Physique Committee, Inc. is officially incharge of overseeing and organizing all beginner body building competitions in the States. The NPC champions are shortlisted for competing in the IFBB workld championship competitions and other professional competitons as well. 


The applied science of consuming food in a manner that results in maximum health realted benefits, increased fitness and promotion of muscular growth. If the instructions dictated by nutrition are followed, builders can easily add muscle mass to their body, eliminate body fat entirely and reveal the ripped muscles underneath easily.