A type of workout used just prior to a competition in which the lengths of rest intervals between sets are progressively reduced to increase overall training intensity and help further define the physique.


The Reg Park 5x5 workout consists of five repetitions of one exercise, performed in five consecutive sets. This means that after performing one set of reps, you perform the same exercise for your next set rather than moving on to a new exercise. For example, you would do five sets, of five reps each, of biceps curls, then move on to working your quadriceps, rather than alternating biceps and quads sets.


The amount of times that you perform an exercise. For instance, pretend that you are performing a bench press. You pick up the bar, you lower it, pause and lift it up. That action of executing the movement for one time counts for 1 repetition. If you perform that same movement a second time, then that is your second repetition, and so on.


The actual amount of weight that you are using in any exercise.


The amount of time that a person rests in between sets. For instance, a rest interval of 60 seconds means that after you finish your first set, you will remain idle for 60 seconds before going on to the next set.


A condition of extremely low bodyfat with superior muscle separation and vascularity. Variations include sliced, cut, and cross-straited.


Also called a training schedule or program, a routine is the total list of exercise, sets, and reps (and sometimes weights) used in one training session.