Saturated fats are commonly blamed for being one of the causes behind heart disease and high cholestrol levels. Animals have large quantities of these fats, but these days some vegetable products are also structured to contain high doses of these as well. A chemical process alters the structure of vegetables to make them high in saturated fats, and is known as hyrogenation. Vegetables oils are often hydrogenated and found in packaged food items. Moreover, non-dairy creamers, palm oil, coconut oil and palm kernel oil have high quantities of saturated fats. 


This term is defined as a collection of repeated exercises that eventually lead towards muscle failure and exhaustion. A person arises to the point of muscle failure when there is an excess production of lactic acid in the body, which tires on the extent that they can't perform additional physical activity properly. If a break is taken, and a repeated exercise is performed again, that also constitute as a set. It is normal for a builder to perform three to five sets during each exercise. 


This term refers to the physical aspect of bodybuilding, where the person in question has low levels of body fat and highly define muscles. This word is used in place of sliced, cut and cross-straited.


This is referred to as injecting steroids into particular muscle groups, in order to improve performance and bring strength to the weaker body parts. 


A term probably everyone is aware of. Muscles of the abdomen that are highly well-developed and worked upon. They are so prominent that the well-defined muscles are visible beneath the skin and around the stomach. Another word used for this is washboards. 


A movement in which a barbell is brought down after being fully extended overhead and then towards the forehead. The movement is completed once the arms are extended once more to press the barbell back up. This is done while lying down. 


This forms the structure of exercise equipment sucg as exercise barbells and dumbbell sets. It is the hollow metal tube that fits on the bar of these instruments. This structure makes it considerably easier to move and roatate the instruments in the hands as an exercise is performed. 


It is crucial for someone to stand around, while another person exercises with heavy weights. This action is called as being a 'spot'. In other words, it means to act like a guard, and prevent and keep an eye out for any possible accident that might take place if a person drops the weights etc. 


The previous term referred to the action behind the concept and this is the actual concept. THe people or trainers who stand around in gyms and ensure that the safety measure are adhered to, are known as spotters. If any builder is unable to keep control of the weights then these people step in before matters get out of hand.


This is a piece of equipment found in gyms for performing low intensity exercises, but is not used frequently by bodybuilders. 


Builders normally take different supplements to support their health and also to ensure that there is maximum build-up of muscles. Taking a different supplements together and not being restricted to one is known as 'stacking'.


Prescription drugs that can be dangerous if taken excessively or without consulting a doctor. They are male hormones that are injected into the systems, but don't have most of the side effects that come along with natural testosterone. Body builders use these to increase their muscle mass and overall strength. 


A hindrance in the bodybuilding regime or process.


The application or use of muscular force in multiple ways. 


A technique of exercising where different postures are carried out that require excessive stretching of muscles, joints and connective tissues. These positions are held for a few seconds, followed by a few seconds relaxation and then repeated all over again. Regular stretching enables the body to be more flexible and is a part of the warm-up routine.


The smalls marks that appears on a builder's body. These signify a poor diet, along with rapid fluctuations in weight (excessive weight gain and then excessive loss). If stretch marks are appearing on anyone's body it is a good idea to rub Vitamin E cream over those areas and stabilize weight by adpoting a regular exercise routine and eating healthy. 


The small defined muscles visible over major and large muscles on a bodybuilder. 


A superset is where two exercises are done without any break or pause in between both of them. There are two methods in which a superset can be carried out. The first one is where two exercises for the same muscle are performed without a break. For instance if dumbbell curls are performed in conjunction with concentration curls. One problem with this method is the absence of strength because by they second exercise the muscles tend to decrease exertion. The second metohd is more common and preferred because of its advantages. In this case different muscle groups are wokred upon without any break. This could be the back and thighs, upper abs and lower abs or even thighs and hamstrings. In this case the level for strength is unaffected when one shitts from one exercise to another. Even though there is no rest between one superset, there can bre a break between two different supersets. The intensity and strength of training in supersets increases significantly. 


This is when a person grips the bar with their plams facing up and towards them. It is also widely known as a reverse grip. In this type of grip the thumbs point outwards and face opposite sides.


These are strong doses of vitamins, minerals and proteins that are taken by bodybuilders to improve their physique and increase their strength. They can be taken in the form of pills or even powders. Concentrated vitamins, minerals, and proteins used by bodybuilders to improve the overall quality of their diets. Many bodybuilders believe that food supplements help to promote quality muscle growth.


The shape in general of a person's body as seen in the form of a shadow.  If one has a good symmetry, then a person has wide shoulders, small waist and hips and small joints.


The male hormone that is the primary reason behind maintaining muscle mass and keeping up strength after high levels of training. This hormone is also known for helping to develop male characteristics, for instance, a deep voice, body hair and bladness in old age as well. Other than that, testosterone also helps to increase theoverall size of muscles. It is not just found in males, but some quantities are present in females as well. Recent research indicates that testosterone helps to lose weight and shed body fat. Hormone responsible for increasing muscle size. Even though this hormone is predominantly present in males, it is also present in women to a lesser degree. It is believed that this hormone also aids in fat loss to a lesser degree.


The creation of a weightlifting program where bodybuilders create their own routine by defining a particular amount of reps and sets. In this case builders also keep record of the number of reps that they perform so they can progress and develop physically. It is advisable for every person who is exercising to track the level of physcial activity they performa and how they divide it. Bryan Haycock, the bodybuilding author behind the Hypertrophy-Specific Training regimen, highly supports a minimum level of just two sets per exercise. 


Minerals that are needed by the body, but in bare minimum amounts. Examples include selenium, zinc, copper, iron etc. 


The temporary increase in size or enlargement od msucles because of water retention. This isn't a permanent condition. 


A series of three exercises thatare performed with no break taken between movements, but a normal perods of rest between the trisets. This form of training ensures that maximum benefit is achieved by reducting the period of breaks.