The deltoid muscle of the shoulder that can be separated into the front, middle and rear ends for training purposes. 


A macronutrient that the body uses as its primary energy source. Cabrohydrates are divided into two categories, namely complex and simple. The complex carbs periodic energy which is vbased on the timed release concept. Whereas, the simple carbs provide immediate energy. Simple carbohydrates are found in fruits, sugars and dairy products. On the other hand, complex carbs are rice, pasta, breads and vegetables. 


This terms points towards the fitness level of the heart, ciculatory system and the lungs as well, which signifies overall health and aerobic stamina. 


Undesirable body state which is induced by excessive training, absence of high nutritional intake and severe lack of rest. Eventually such a state tends to lead towards muscle degradation and increase in body fat. 


A process in which excessive physical work is carried out to make muscles work beyond the point of proper function, due to high levels of stress and fatigue. In this condition after a certain high pressure exercise has failed, body builders will perform a lesser intensity exercise just to continue for a little while longer.  


When muscles become weak, after a high intensity workout some athletes use cheat reps to complete the exercise, using functions such as momentum and surrounding muscle groups to help them through. 


A bar high on a wall or cieling in gyms, is used for performing chins, leg raises while hanging and other similar movements for toning the upper body. This bar is the same as the one used by professional athletes i international and national level competitions.  


This term has its basis in science and anatomy and refers to an increase in magnitude of a tissue or organ pertaining to an athlete. The causes are various and negotiable. 


This is a distinct type of bodybuilding that increase muscle density, sregth and even make aerobic exervices less strenuous. can. Usually, circuit training is categorized by planned exercises that are a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 in number. However, in essence each of the chosen exercises must work all parts of the body, or else the rountine can't be referred to as circuit training. There must also be minimum amount of break given between these different routines. Once the routine ends, a break of around 5 minutes is allowed before repeating it further. Repeating any routine around 3 to 5 times would refer to as a circuit training. 


This activity comprises of raising two dumbbells or one entire barbell over the head in one swift movement. For maximum benefit the execution of this movement should incorporate arms, legs, back and shoulder strength.  The sizes of the weights lifted differ upon individual strength and capacity. 


These might seem like laundry instructions, but in bodybouilidng terms, they are something entirely different. It is an exercise carried out to strengthen the shoulders, and is sometimes even known as the Hang Clean and Press.


This refers to person, who is on stand-by and ready for action if called upon by a person who is exercising. These people are usually found in gyms, and are synonymous with trainers to a certain extent. 


This item is of crucial importance for barbells and dumbbells, since it protects them from collapsing. It is usually a cylindrical clamp that is composed of metal and is used to keep the weights in place through the use of set screws, moving through the collar. These collars keep the plates from sliding together and injuring hands. Collars are also placed on the outside, which help to protect the metal bars from falling off and causing damage and further injuries. 


This action basically shortens the muscle fibres as increased tension is developed.


This is the part of the exercise where rhe muscles contract. This mostly takes place when the weights are being lifted, and this activity needs to be performed as qucikly as possivle to avoid losing momentum and triggering fatigue. Beginners need to do the compelte opposite because they have to perform the movement slowly and cautiously so as to prevent overburdening themselves. 


Cooling-down is a very informal term, used during discussion by athletes. It refers to taking a break, and discussing the upcoming exercise routines while drinking water. 


This is simply a hormone that is secreted by the adrenal glands during stressful encounters that could be either physical or mental in nature. This hormone is also triggered by lack of nutiriton and incomnia. This hormone could easily cause loss of muscle, strength and increase the fat deposits all over the body. If the body has an excess of it, this may lead to heart disease and even heart attacks. 


This is relatively new concept in the bodybuilding world, where teams comprising of men and women compete with each other in athletic competitions. These could include dance movements, races and lifts as well. Sometimes, they are referred to as Mixed Pairs Competition and are growing considerably in terms of popularity. These types of competitions are held worldwide for beginners and professionals as well. 


Exercising a muscle using shortened movements that causes a muscle to cramp, contracting painfully perhaps to the point of temporary fatigue to achieve a greater pump.


A bodybuilder who has high amounts of defined muscles due to naturally low levels of body fat is referred to as being cut up, or having a cut figure. 


This denotes a specific time period for different forms of training that could be for different purposes like increasing muscle mass, increasing strength and getting stronger as well. A situation where different training cycles are combined is commonly known as periodization. 


Cycle is also used to stand for another term in bodybuilding, which is consuming more than one supplement, that is mostly a steroid, for a certain period of time. Another situation could be consuming creatine for two months and then staging a break of one month in between.


The absence of fat present over clear muscle movements is known as definition. However, this term concentrates mosltly on muscularity and someone who is a highly trained body builder will adjust to having little body fat that thin strands will be seen over every muscle and this is know as definitionmore specifically. 


This concept relates directly to the hardness of the muscles, directly related to the muscle definition. It is very likely for body builder to have a well defined body, but still have excess fat located of their muscle mass. But, if body builders have a high density of muscles, it directly relates to the absence of this type of fat as well. It is highly appreciable for all body builders to have a good amount of muscle mass and density alongside as well. 


When a body builder becomes laid back, and lets go of excercising then he or she is indulging in detraining. 


This is an informal term for hardcore dieting and training to prepare for a competition. Other terms for this concept include, on time, on the money and peaking. 


These are usually bars that are installed over a certain distance above the ground, where people can perform dips on them, leg raises for toning their abdomen and various other physical activities. It is also possible for gyms to come along with dipping bars that have inward angles at each end and they are used for altering the distance of grips on these devices. 


Sometimes these are known as water pills, and these are medicines and herbal supplements that aid in removing any excess water that might be present in any builder's body before a competition or a showcase. This helps to give to greater and more defined muscles, that become clearly visible. However, there is a downside, since strong chemicals could possibly effect health negatively, especially if used chronically.Some fo the side effects of excess usage include muscle cramps and and an irregular heart rate. 


This is short for discipline, persistence and patience.


This is a siutation that could psosibly occur while overstressing or making a mistake. A builder could drop the sets after doing bench presses. A triple drop set is also a temr used to highlight what happends when one drops two dumbells along with hemselves on the the floor.


A dumbell is primarily an insturment that is similar to a short-handled barbell (varies from 10 to 12 inches in length appproximately) supposed to be used in one hand. These instruments are used ot train the arms and shoulders specifically, but people use them for toning and defining other areas as well.