This is a specific term used only for those bodybuilders who have participated in the Mr. Olympia and Ms. Olympia competitions. 


This is a unique type of barbell that is commonly used by bodybuilders in heavy exercises such as squats, bench presses, barbell presses and deadlifts. However, these barbells get their name from thair role in weightlifting and powerlifting competitions. These are different from the usual barbells because each collar weighs around five pounds and overall they weigh around 45 pounds.


This weightlifting competition is held at the Olympic games once in every four years, and at other national/international competitions one in every year. Tow types of lifts are given significant importance and they are focused upon in different weight classes. 


This term refers to the maximum level of strength or exertion in a particular movement or exercise. Keeping this concept in mind, powerlifting competitions fall in the category of 1RM strength. It is essential to keep in mind that beginners must not reach this level because it could cause injury.  


The maximum amount of load or weights that a builder can lift in one go. 


The antural state of the body where a muscle is joined to a fixed bone that doesn't move during contraction of muscles and other realted physical activity.


A negative situaton when you force yourself to carry a particular weight that exceeds the normal level you mght be used to. Doing so, can result in increased hypertrophy due to the stress placed on the muscles. 


A condition brought about by excessive training and exercising that leads to great losses in strength, muscle mass and increases the deposits of fats. This phenomena becomes visible when the builders begins suffering from depression, faces loss of sleep and energy deprivation. 


The maximum height of strength and perfection that is attained by a bodybuilder. To reach the peak level before a competitions the builder must plan out an extensive regime. This needs to be a combination of aerobics, diet, supplement consumption and other exercise routines. 


Peptides is a name given to amino acids that form a chain. They are similar to proteins but much shorter. For example Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (Ghrp-6) is a peptide in the growth factor family. Pepetides are being tested, and so far there has been no evidence of any negative side effects.


This term is a substitute for Cycle Training. In this form of training builders have a goal of increasing their overall muscle mass, and have a routine in place to achieve that. This routine consists of low intensity workouts over a period of a few weeks and then they increase the pressure. This process is repeated several times. This method has several advantages including preventing injury and burnout. 


This is a shortened version of the term, peripheral heart action, a method of training in which short exercises (usually 4-6 different ones) are performed in the form of circuits. This regime is aimed towards enhancing physical strength and improving the cardiorespiratory system. 


This is normally a particular phase during which a type of training regime is adopted. 


This idea is crucial for all bodybuilders because it helps them to plan their exercises etc. It is known as the detailed study of the body and its associated functions. 


A static period, when no particular advancement in the training regime is achieved. 


These are the additional discs that are attached to the ends of barbells and dumbbells to increase their overall weight. In some cases these plates are created using vinyl-covered concrete. However, the more common ones are created using metal. They last longer as well. 


Fats that do not have an effect in cholesterol levels. Most of the fats in vegetable oils, such as corn, cottonseed, safflower, soybean, and sunflower oil are polyunsaturated. 


All of the different positions a bodybuilders adopts during a competition to enhance his overall muscles and strength.


The quantity of weight that is used by a builder during an exercise. This could be the weights of different equipmen including exercise machines, barbells and dumbbells.


Power can be caculated multiplying force with distance and dividing that value by time. In other words, power is the ability to move paricular weights across a distance quickly.


Another type of weight lifting that is a professinal sport, but isn't a part of the Olympics. It includes three different types of lifs that are: the squat, bnch pres and dead lift. This competition takes place at national and international level, where both women and men can participate for the winning title. 


This is the strategy where the builder increases the overall amount of resistence in each exercise by adding weights or building up the pressure. This increased resistance helps to keep muscles relaxed and doesn't weaken them. 


This term is similar to the one above, but includes increasing the amount of resistance with every exercise to keep muscles at optimum condition. 


It is not necessary to always perform reps with the maximum level of weights. A different routine can be adopted where the person first indulges in a warm up routine that includes weights way below the maximum level of comfort. After these one or two sets, the builder can move onto performing reps with the maximum weights. .


The hormones are different from the regular ones, and are more complex and mature than the rest. 


This is grip on a bar in which a person's palms are facing down and away from them. In this case their thumbs point inwards and towards each other. For example, a close grip pulldown to front is an exercise that uses a pronated grip. 


It will be highly beneficial for the muscles if reps are perfomred with high precision levels. This will comprise of holding the lifts and incorporating as much muscle effort on the way down according to the author Dr. Gabe Mirkin. Lifting weights slowly, and not letting them drop gives rise to problems such as complicated msucle contractions. Letting the weights drop with the force of gravity enables builders to get negative lifts that assist in maximum muscle building.  


Every tissue in your body is made from protein (i.e. muscle, hair, skin, nails). Proteins are the building blocks of muscle tissue. This macronutrient can be found in poultry, meats, and dairy products. 


The tight, blood-congested feeling in a muscle after it has been intensely trained. Muscle pump is caused by a rapid influx of blood into the muscles to remove fatigue toxins and replace supplies of fuel and oxygen. A good muscle pump indicates that you have optimally worked a muscle group.


The act of increasing your poundage while decreasing your reps on successive sets.