This acid is a side product, which is the result of a deterence in the oxygen flow to functioning muscles. This acid is created due to certain exercises that include anaerobic activities, especially weight training exercises. A presence of lactic acid in the blood could lead to an increase in hormone levles, as revealed by research. 


A term that is used to denote anything that is located at a distance from the body's midline. 


This is a shortened and informal term that represents the lateral muscles of the back. When these muscles are observed from behind they create large and inverted cones. This description gives a fair idea of the shape of these muscles. 


This is the period where most bodybuilders decide to take a break fro their exercise regime for a week or two. During this time they don't visit the gym at all. A layoff is supposed to be taken before a competition so the body has the chance to rest, rejuvenate itself and heal any injuries or weak spots that might have surfaced due to intense workouts. 


This commonly includes the fat free body tissue that majorly consists of muscles. This lean mass helps in concluding the calories burnt while a person is resting (basal metabolism rate). Research has shown that in men the body fat (the difference between the bodyweigh and the lean body mass) is an average of 8-12% and for women it varies between 18-22%.


This belt is made of leather and is 4-6 inches wide. It is normally attached to the waist for assistance in performing squats, high intensity back related exercises and overhead pressing workouts. This type of a belt aids in giving the middle part of the waist added strength, protecting it against injuries that could possibly occur.